International Racing Bureau

The problem

The international racing bureau were facing issues with their aging phone system that utilised analogue voice lines and provided no options for call diverts. They were experiencing unexplainable ghost calls on their system due to poor wiring in the office and the configuration of the system. The handsets were not in line with the require office image, extremely tired looking and bluntly put, old. Their onsite connectivity, which used an EFM service (Ethernet First Mile, meaning bonded copper pairs providing symmetrical, uncontended internet access), though extremely expensive was performing poorly and unable to support the business activities adequately.

Their communications were very restricted, and their internal efficiency was highly disrupted. A significant proportion of their work involved streaming live videos, which the EFM couldn’t support when only giving download speeds of 4Mb, this was highly impacting their ability to give real-time advice to customers and causing significant frustration among staff.


The solution

The first stage of resolving the issues the International Racing Bureau were experiencing was to replace their EFM connection with a fibre leased line to provide the necessary and guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth.

Once the data connection was good enough to support VoIP, we replace the old phone system with a fully Hosted telephony solution and installed executive Yealink T48 desk phones for all staff across the office. During the Hosted install, the Cat5 cabling onsite was completely revamped and tidied up for the benefit of the new solution and the office appearance.


The benefits

The International Racing Bureau now have a modern and user-friendly solution which allows for a multitude of features such as call diverts, out of hours messages, hunt groups, presence and instant messaging, which the business now uses on a daily basis. This has helped increase staff productivity.

The move to a leased line means that they now have a totally private uncontended internet service with guaranteed speeds, so they are not affected by peak times. The business now has the bandwidth to support all business functions and more, plus they experience a significantly greater quality of phone call.

Their call charge bill has been significantly reduced as outbound traffic is now routed over the internet, which means calls are free. This cost saving benefit has been highly valuable.

The staff now also have greater flexibility as they can work remotely at the weekends and have the ability to use the mobile app when they are out and about or at the races!

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