Case Study - Cheese Plus

The Problem

When we first began working with Cheese Plus, they were suffering from several issues with their telephony and connectivity. Their internet in their Papworth site was poor and unreliable, with a lack of resilience, meaning that the business was vulnerable to losing online orders and them not being sent out in a timely fashion should the broadband go down.

The telephone system they were using was not providing modern functionality such as apps and call diverts, which meant if someone was out of office, the business was unable to reroute the call. Wi-Fi access points were not performing in key areas of the business, this was particularly detrimental in ‘picking’ zones which meant that staff were struggling to complete orders accurately. The business had also previously been broken into, which meant there was also concerns over both physical and online security.

The Solution

We replaced their existing broadband with a fibre leased line and added a BSAS managed Draytek 3900 router with inclusive data SIM to act as a back-up in the unlikely event of the leased line going down. We replaced their old phone system with a fully Hosted telephony solution with Yealink handsets for the entire office. We also installed a new CCTV system with modern cameras, in desired areas for maximum coverage.

The Benefits

The leased line provides a totally private, high speed internet with a guaranteed bandwidth, allowing the processing of online customer orders to become faster and more strategic. The new telephony solution allows flexibility, calls can be re-routed if someone is out of the office and can be answered remotely via the mobile app. The enhanced security onsite offers peace of mind, as does the online security that comes with the leased line. Overall, the new solutions provided by BSAS for Cheese Plus have meant the business can be more organised, their processes have become more efficient and they are reassured that they are protected should anything go wrong with their systems.