Case Study - Rye Street Group

The Problem

Rye street have been a long-standing customer of ours and we have worked continually with them over the years to improve their communications technology, as and when new technologies become available and are pertinent. Most recently, Rye Street were experiencing issues integrating their communications across their multiple sites, with the telephony not acting as one. Furthermore, their data connectivity could no longer cope with processing information as quickly as required, which had begun to have an adverse effect on the business.

The Solution

To overcome their issues regarding data connectivity, we installed a leased line in head office and, to add resilience, one other site. We also installed Net FTTC, the enhanced version of fibre broadband, in all sites to give significantly increased speeds, connecting these together by a VPN.

To enable their telephony to function as one, we provided a Hosted 3CX solution.

The Benefits

As the 3CX is Hosted, there is no central point of failure. All sites can access the system independently, however the are able to function as one. The 3CX system also means that Rye Street can now route calls to any of their offices, at any time.

The 3CX system has in built disaster recovery, as 3CX will function on a desk phone, mobile or laptop, ensuring that communications stay up and running in almost any circumstance. 3CX works for the company across all sites and is highly feature rich, supporting web-conferencing and call-recording and bringing cost saving benefits to the business by transferring their traffic to VoIP.

The improved data connectivity not only benefits Rye Street as they can now process information faster, but the quality of their calls is also significantly improved. Along with better call handling, customers experience a much higher quality of service.

Overall, the new system and improved data connectivity progresses Rye Street Group’s technology as their communications are now streamlined on one system and seamless across all sites, the benefits of which have been felt both throughout the business and with their customers.