Case Study - Norwich City Football Club

The Problem

Norwich City Football Club were experiencing issues in their ticket office, as the third-party Samsung system that they were using to run their call centre solution over, while working well for the rest of the club, could not support the requirements of the department. It was a struggle for the agents in the ticket office to easily identify whether they were signed in or out of the system.

This meant that frequently agents were believing they had signed out, making themselves unavailable to receive calls, whereas they actually had not. This meant calls were often being lost as they were diverted to attendants who were not actually there.

The Solution

We wanted the call queue to be separate from their main Samsung phone system and utilize a bespoke, new style system specifically designed for call centres. We moved the ticket office to a BSAS hosted system, setting the club up with new Yealink phones which attach directly to the call centre, creating a seamless integration between their Yealink phones and HVS. From the handset they can sign in and out of the call centre with one button press, which signals directly back to the call centre setting the agent to available or unavailable.

The ticket office manager is now able to utilize a ‘big brother’ type system to see quickly who is available and unavailable to take calls, and has the ability to change these settings from his own screen, so when someone has gone home and forgotten to sign out, with one click they can be set to unavailable.

The call centre is now managed under one, highly user-friendly portal.

The Benefits

Norwich City Football Club now have seamless integration between their call centre solution, phone system and hardware. They have eliminated the calls lost through fault, allowing them to give a higher level of customer service. Agents are able to be more productive as the user-friendly system has cut time spent trying to resolve issues and has also decreased the likelihood of user error significantly. Reporting functions allow the manger to easily analyse the performance of both the office and individual employees.

An unexpected benefit that NCFC received was the ability of their workers to work remotely off the system. With great softphone integration on the new system, when the UK went into lockdown agents were able to take calls at home. Whilst not something planned for the club, the benefits of this were invaluable at a time of crisis.

The separation of the ticket office system from the main Samsung system adds resilience to the clubs solution, as if one fails the other can continue, meaning that the ticket office can now stay up and running and is unaffected by any fault that may occur on the main system.