Connectivity is often considered the fourth utility in modern business, as vital to its running as water, electricity and gas – make sure you have the best.

Fastest Speed

Leased Line

A leased line provides a dedicated, synchronous, fibre-optic connection to the internet with guaranteed bandwidths and guaranteed services levels. Not to be confused with fibre broadband, this is the best type of internet connection for businesses and is ideal for unified communications.

– Highest quality
– 99.9% availability
– 5-hour fix guarantee

Medium Speed


Ethernet-Over-Fibre-To-The-Cabinet uses fibre broadband technology to provide an enhanced, business-grade internet service. It is un-contended, meaning bandwidth is unaffected by the peak usage times of residential broadband users and has a better service level than standard FTTC.

– Uncontended
Enhanced SLA
– Ethernet based

Lower Speed


Ethernet-First-Mile is an access method that delivers Ethernet protocols over normal telephone copper wiring. It is primarily used by companies who are located in areas not serviced by fibre broadband who can’t justify the cost of a fibre leased line.

– Uncontended
– Fixed bandwidth

Fastest Speed


Fibre-To-The-Premises delivers fibre directly into your building, bringing speeds of up to 1Gb download and 115Mb upload. It is still a broadband service, and therefore is contended, with restricted SLA’s but does offer a much lower cost, high bandwidth alternative to leased lines.

– Lower cost
High bandwidth
– More stability than copper based broadband

Medium Speed


Fibre-To-The-Cabinet or fibre broadband is a low-cost connection with higher bandwidths than standard broadband. The service is delivered over a fibre-optic cable to the local cabinet and then copper for the final few hundred metres meaning speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload are possible.

– Much lower cost
Much higher upload than standard broadband
– Good choice for small businesses

Lower Speed


The basic type of internet connection delivered over a standard analogue line. Offering reasonable speeds for a few people to use for web browsing and email but it isn’t really suitable for voice services. Widely available and with speeds of up to 24Mb download and 1Mb upload, it is a low-cost option where nothing else is available.

– Wide availability
Low cost
Basic connection

Routers and Equipment

As a Draytek Authorised Dealer and Specialist Partner, BSAS are ideally positioned to provide a total solution for your data and telephony needs. our close relationship with Draytek ensures you get the best possible service including extended warranties and next day replacement for faulty equipment.

Business continuity

BSAS understands how vital connectivity is to your business and offer multiple options for resilience and diverse routing, tailored to your business needs. This ensures that in the unlikely event of fault or failure, your business can remain connected. We offer standard back-up, diverse network back-up, mobile back-up and diverse routed backups. Contact us to find out more.


Multiple sites that need to be connected under one network? Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks allow the transmission of various communication types over one common IP based network. Using any of the access methods above to supply connectivity into the MPLS core it provides a totally private, highly secure network that allows data to flow efficiently. Using Quality of Service (QoS) different traffic types can be prioritised to ensure the smooth flows of data.

Our Partners

Through constant monitoring of the marketplace we choose the best-of-breed providers to ensure our telephony solutions are market leading.