Case Study - Dick White

The Problem

Dick White have experienced rapid growth over the last two years, where they have now doubled in size and have a new building onsite which has doubled their floor space and capacity for their veterinary services. The phone system that BSAS had initially taken over the maintenance for was struggling to keep up with the demand on the system due to the high volume of enquiries. The number of new staff that joined had joined the company also meant that Dick White were having to purchases new handsets with frequent regularity.

The Solution

The growth demanded an immediate review of the existing telephony structure and its ability to provide the plethora of call centre features that the business now needed to manage its growth. Samsung’s precarious position in the UK telephony market led to BSAS recommending a new, feature-rich VoIP system which would be able to manage both their growth and streamline the call handling both on and offsite. We agreed at the beginning of 2020 that this would be the way forward and in November BSAS completed the installation of a new 200 extension 3CX telephony solution.

The Benefits

The new system has given Dick White referrals the functionality to cope with their increased demand through features including, but not limited to:

  • A mobile app to replace the aging system, which was used for onsite daily communication, allowing staff to work from anywhere
  • Call queuing facility to effectively manage incoming calls
  • Portal access which gives visibility of users
  • Instant messaging function for productive internal communication
  • Flexibility and ease of remote working due to the plug and play nature of cloud telephony
  • Wallboard and call analytics enabling easy monitoring
  • Call recording included as standard, which was a chargeable extra on their previous system
  • Unreturned missed call reports, ensuring optimal customer service