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Luke Richmond 

Networks Manager

Luke has had over 15 years’ experience with BSAS. Luke’s analytical and methodical mindset makes him a natural fit in technical services, where he now heads up the networks team.


What is your favourite part of being an Networks Manager?
I find the constant development of products and services within the industry keeps the mind active and engaged.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your role?
Learning to always respond to negative situations and individuals in the most positive way possible. Empathy and consideration are key to good relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers and we are challenged every day to choose the best path to follow. It’s not easy to always stay on track.

What is your favourite product?
I love a Leased Line! A product that just works leaving happy customers with the best possible solution.

Why would businesses want to work with BSAS?
We are big and experienced enough to have a strong voice with major Telco’s, yet we are small enough to understand each individual customer requirement. We also have decades of industry experience within the company.

What technology excites you going forward?
We are all headed for the Cloud! It’s not about a single technology or product, it’s about unified solutions with multiple product sets working in harmony to deliver ease, efficiency.

Luke describes himself as “a very boring family man, who enjoys a good film and some quality tunes”.


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