SIP can save up to 80% off traditional landline costs

SIP is a protocol that allows voice to be transmitted as data from different devices, integrating voice and data into one converged platform. SIP Trunks are a direct replacement for your traditional ISDN or PSTN lines and allow you to route voice calls over your internet connection.

Utilising the two main suppliers of SIP services in the UK, BT and Gamma, BSAS SIP trunks are very reliable and have in-built resilience ensuring business continuity. Quality of speech is excellent and because the SIP services are built on next-generation networks, you also have the added advantage of enhanced services such as call logging, call recording, disaster recovery options and many other features.

Enquire today and make the move to SIP

    Our SIP Trunking Features

    Unlimited auto-attendants

    Call logging

    5000 minutes to UK landline and 2000 minutes to UK mobiles

    DDI call forwarding

    PCI compliant call recording

    Mobile application

    Save up to 80% on phone bills

    Our Partners

    Through constant monitoring of the marketplace we choose the best-of-breed providers to ensure our telephony solutions are market leading.