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Why choose BSAS Telecoms?

  • Flexibility – We ensure to give choice, but also direction to our clients. We tailor our proposal to suit your business requirements.
  • Resilience – We have developed multiple disaster recovery packages to ensure continuity for your business.
  • Expertise – We have over 25 years’ experience in the voice market, meaning our technical knowledge and service is second-to-none.
  • Cost-saving – We provide competitive rates and tariffs and regularly review our provision to fit your companies’ usage.
Standard SIP Trunks

SIP is a protocol that allows voice to be transmitted as data from different devices, integrating voice and data into one converged platform.

A SIP Truck is, in effect, a virtual version of an analog phone line. SIP Trunks connect into your PBX allowing local, long-distance and international calls to be placed over the internet. Sip Trunks provide flexibility between traditional PBX and fully hosted systems.

We have developed multiple SIP partnerships over the years to provide our customers with secure, cost effective and flexible options.

Key Features of BSAS Hosted SIP Trunks include:

  • Unlimited auto-attendants
  • Call logging
  • 5000 minutes to UK landline and 2000 minutes to UK mobiles
  • DDI call forwarding
  • PCI compliant call recording
  • Mobile application
Microsoft Certified BSAS Sip Trunks

More and more companies are utilising Microsoft Teams as their communication platform, however, to enable communications to and from the telephone network requires the monthly purchase of costly Microsoft Calling Plans.

We have a cost effective and feature rich alternative to the calling plans; our Microsoft Certified SIP trunks.

Using Microsoft Direct Routing we connect directly to your Teams account. You just inform us of the users that you wish to make or receive calls to and from the outside world and we enable them. There is no complicated set-up and no up-front cost.

To assist in the migration, we connect your legacy telephone system and Microsoft Teams to enable you to work on both platforms at the same time, whilst still being able to directly call extensions and transfer calls as if using one system. This benefits companies greatly when they are implementing a staged migration.

To compliment our SIP trunk offering we also offer a full management service where we will configure Microsoft Phone System to your requirements and provide on-going support for any amendments, additions or updates.

Additional benefits of using Teams SIP trunks:

  • Usage – Each SIP trunk gets 5000 local and national minutes and 2000 minutes to standard UK mobiles.
  • Portal Management – You can manage your own SIP trunks and users via a portal.
  • Call Reporting – Full inbound and outbound call reporting is available (chargeable).
  • Call Recording – This can be implemented on a per user basis (chargeable).
  • Disaster Recovery – The portal allows you to implement disaster recovery plans, call forwards and diverts. Because our SIP platform is totally independent from the Teams platform it also offers an extra level of resilience over a Microsoft-only solution.
Traditional Lines

We provide landline solutions through BT, TalkTalk Business and Gamma. As the UK’s number one provider and largest UK carrier, BT provide unrivalled quality and support infrastructure. TalkTalk Business are the main alternative to BT and provide innovative and cost-effective services to UK businesses.

We also offer packages to integrate landlines and mobiles to allow efficient and seamless communication, while reducing overall costs.

Inbound Services

Inbound call centre solutions are all about making it as easy as possible for your customers to contact you and establishing services that monitor how efficiently these calls are handled.

Our chosen providers have developed a range of products and services that ensure calls are efficiently and effectively routed into your business and are managed accordingly.

The service is feature rich and highly flexible, adapting to your business needs and allows you to fully control all aspects via a unique web-based portal and app.

Key features include:

  • Geo or non-geo termination, directly on the SIP endpoint for any 01 02 03 or 08 number
  • Redirect inbound calls
  • Time or day of the week routing in advance
  • Divert on busy/ out of office/ no answer calls
  • Email alert on missed calls
  • App provides quick access to call stats and key functionality whilst on the move
  • Hunt groups (serial, random, prioritised or simultaneous) enable calls to be delivered to attendants as required
  • Interactive Voice Response to enable the creation of a personalised menu announcement with defined call routing based on the callers’ key press
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