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Why use BSAS Telecoms for your telephone system?

  • Project Management – From initial proposal through to implementation, sales and technical services work closely together to ensure the system goes in as promised, on time and with adequate training for the users to realise the benefits early on.
  • Support – Well over 20 years of experience in providing telephony solutions. With a heavily targeted, transparent and open technical service team we take ownership of any query or fault.
  • Business Continuity – Our aim is to ensure communications are continuous and contigency plans are in place for any eventuality.
  • Improved productivity – With BSAS looking into your communications you can rest assured we will look at how to influence the call handling in a positive way to; improve missed call call-back time, speed up internal communications, improve mobility and visibility of user status, prioritise certain callers or companies.
  • Scalable & Flexible – Whether you are looking for a single phone system for a small office, a multi site solution or a fully managed call centre environment we can help. BSAS can provide you with a tailored solution that can evolve as your requirements change.

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Happy customers and increased morale for employees

We understand that potential customers make very quick decisions on their feelings about an organisation. This means that when they make a call it needs to be handled efficiently and professionally. When this is done properly it can make the difference between making a sale or not. A telephone system that works effectively and collaboratively will ensure no time is wasted and calls are handled correctly.

One example would be call handling via reception or a switch board. By giving the employee call handling software showing user status at any one time, they would work more efficiently. This gives callers a professional and seamless experience of the company and reduces stress for the employee.

Improved image to the outside world

If you don’t have a telecoms manager, we want to act as an extension of your organisation. Or if not a member of staff, an ambassador of your brand. Social media and websites all impact peoples perceptions of a company. But crucially, when someone picks up the phone to call you or you call out it must be handled correctly. We try and understand your business, culture and ethos so we present the company in the strongest way possible.

We consult on and orchestrate client projects. These include moving historical systems across to modern IP based technologies.


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