Business Continuity

Business continuity is extremely important with companies more and more reliant on their Internet connection.

We supply resilient options for Internet connectivity whereby in the event of a failure of your primary data connection, a secondary connection kicks-in to ensure no loss of service

Resilience options

There are several options based upon various access methods to build resilience into your Internet/data solution. All three options below can be delivered on a single router or two routers to add a further element of resilience.

Option 1- Use the same type of technology as your back up solution, but with a different network provider. This means if there is an issue with your primary provider you will auto-failover to a secondary network. The benefit of using two providers is they have a different local point-of-presence and different national networks, which means it is highly unlikely both will have issues at the same time. You can also load-balance traffic between the two connections thereby making full use of all the available bandwidth.

Option 2- Utilise different technology for your back-up connection. This ensures issues related to one product do not affect the other. The bandwidth required for the back-up connection will be dependant of what functionality is required in case of failure. An example installation would consist of a fibre leased line primary circuit with a fibre broadband backup.

Option 3- Using 4G as your back up solution. A 4G cellular back up connection uses the mobile cellular network and is therefore delivered in a totally different way. This removes the reliance on “wires in the ground” and with the larger bandwidths 4G (and soon 5G) now provides is a viable option as backup to a fibre broadband or fibre leased line. For additional resilience we also offer routers with dual sims where the router automatically chooses the strongest network.

Diverse Routing

Diverse routing basically means your chosen internet access technology is entering the building in different places. For example, one fibre leased line entering the building through the front and another entering through the back, terminating in either the same or separate comms rooms. Diverse routing reduces the chance of a physical interference but can be very costly as often new ducting will need to be installed under highways to be able to bring the fibre into the building. We are able to survey and quote as required.

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