Why use BSAS Telecoms for your mobile portfolio?

  • Options – With two networks and three providers at our disposal, we can research and test which option will provide you with the best infrastructure to support a consistently positive user experience.
  • Flexibility – We recognise that one size does not fit all. Some companies do not want lengthy contracts, whilst others may be expanding at a rapid rate. We can add new users in term, spreading the total added months accross the whole mobile portfolio. Also, on our platform world traveller are automatically added to the Vodafone and o2 network offerings.
  • Save you time – We take the hassle of dealing with the network directly out of your hands. Our technical services team know where to go and how to escalate queries quickly. On some of our mobile plans our turnaround to add new connections to delivery of SIM cards can be done in as little as 24 hours. Some of our clients have a number of inactivated SIMs which we can activate in as little as 2 hours.

We provide a fully managed Vodafone service directly through BSAS. This allows us to give our customers a flexible and genuinely tailored solution.

There are a number of tariffs to choose from depending upon the company’s size and calling profile, however, most companies would utilise some sort of “bundle” price plan. These tariffs provide free-of-charge calls between your own company mobiles as well as free-of-charge calls back to your office or offices. Also included, at no charge, are calls to voicemail and in many cases free texts and free data usage.


EE now becoming a division of the BT Group is testament to their success. Independantly verified the best operator for data signal accross the UK.

With a vast array of options to suit any business requirement and the benefit of Wi-Fi calling, EE are a strong contender to be involved in any mobile review.

BT Mobile

Utilising EE’s network, BT business mobile has been one of our strongest propositions. Commercially attractive, flexible and with a strong support mechanism we can confidently put forward this option. We were also awarded BT Mobile partner of the year on two consecutive years.


O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider according to Ofcom. With over 25 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 Wifi and owning half of Tesco Mobile.

MaaS360 from BSAS Telecoms

MaaS360 is the fastest and most comprehensive way to configure devices for organizations, and secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets — all from a single screen.
As a fully-integrated cloud platform, MaaS360 simplifies mobile device management (MDM) with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.
Deployment is quick — in just a few clicks, administrators can start enrolling devices and immediately manage the entire mobile device lifecycle — from enrolment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, analytics and reporting.

Meeting your Mobile Device Management Challenges with MaaS360

• Increase security and compliance enforcement
• Reduce the cost of supporting mobile assets
• Enhance application and performance management
• Ensure better business continuity
• Increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Why MaaS360 from BSAS Telecoms?

• Proven approach to cloud-based mobility management
• Powerful management and security to address the full mobility lifecycle
• Seamlessly integrates with all of your existing infrastructure
• Simple and fast with an exceptional customer experience

Instant Mobile Device Management with MaaS360

MaaS360 is an easy- to-use cloud platform with all of the essential functionality for end-to-end management of today’s mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

MaaS360 Essentials

• SMS, email or URL over-the-air (OTA) enrolment
• Passcode and encryption enforcement
• Email, VPN and WiFi profiles
• Device restriction settings
• Remote locate, lock and wipe (full and selective)
• Jailbreak and root detection
• Policy updates and changes
• Compliance reporting

Mobile Tariff Analyser

What is Tariff Analyser?

Tariff Analyser is an innovative solution which analyses your voice, text and

data usage across all the bills provided.

This assists us in providing a full and comprehensive breakdown of items such as:

• The number of minutes of calls made to particular telephone numbers

• The number of UK and international texts made

• The number and destination of international calls

• Roaming calls made and roaming calls received

• The amount of data used in the UK and abroad

This information can then be used to calculate your average monthly spend on your line rental, calls, text and data.

In turn, based on the analysis findings, we can recommend the most suitable mobile package to you, and, more importantly, save you money.


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