Global Chair Components

The problem

Global Chair Components began discussions last year potentially upgrading their phone system, however, were generally happy and leaning towards an ‘if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it’ mindset. Their original system was a frankly outdated Panasonic PBX, with ISDN lines and for data they were using an FTTC. Global Chair Components needed the capability to increase their calling capacity as they are a growing business. Their existing ISDN 2 lines could only carry eight lines and the business was considering spending a significant amount of capital to increase the number of lines. Given the PSTN switch off in 2025, we recommended against this, as the amount of both time digging up the roads and capital required to do this was illogical when in five years’ time the system would no longer work. Global Chair Components were then pushed to make a decision regarding their system when the pandemic hit and remote working was unsupported, but necessary.


The solution

We discussed both Hosted and 3CX, but recommended 3CX due to the user-friendly nature and the ability of the systems’ features to add value to the business. 3CX is an open-standards, software IP phone system that works both on premise or in cloud.


The benefits

Where Global Chair Components require the capability for growth, SIP allows them to add users almost instantaneously, which means they can grow as they require.

The 3CX future-proofs their telephony.  3CX allows staff to work from anywhere thanks to both the mobile application and soft client, this means the sales team can take calls from anywhere, allowing them greater productivity. The call reporting and call recording functions have also been invaluable tools for the sales team to be able to monitor their output.

Global Chair Components did buy new handsets late last year, however, knowing a move to newer technologies was impending, they were recommended and sold equipment with the capabilities for VoIP, so they did not have to shell out on equipment twice.

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