July 2020

A word from the boss

“We have been incredibly busy over the past few months ensuring all our customers are well looked after while circumstances have been uncertain. The move towards remote working has highlighted the need for businesses to future-proof their telephony and pushed forward the inevitable move to cloud-based systems to allow workers greater flexibility. This is something we’re excited to guide our customers through the process of.”

Sean Bamford, Managing Director


What’s going on in the office?

Our guys in support have been extremely busy over the last few months, working hard to upgrade customers systems and install remote working solutions. They’ve noticed a particularly large increase in SIP Trunk requirements, as SIP Trunks allow for flexibility such as instant call divert set ups. David, Jon, Jay and Kyle have also achieved their 3CX Advanced Certifications- congratulations to them!

Similarly, our sales team have been hard at work ensuring all our customers communications have been holding up with the move to remote working. We’ve also restructured the department, with each account manager now being supported by an Internal Sales staff, to ensure that someone is always on hand to support our customers.

Our sales and support teams are available Monday to Friday, 8.30-5.30


Product of the moment

Our own BSAS Hosted offering. Why do we love it? Simply put, it is secure and reliable. It has built in disaster recovery to prepare your business for any eventuality. Hosted saves businesses on both cost and pace, as calls are made over IP so do not and there is no need for bulky PBX hardware on site

To find out more, contact our office.


Industry Update

Everything telecoms is focused on the move to cloud-based telephony at the moment. In preparation for the ISDN switch-off in 2025, where analogue and ISDN services will cease, the industry is focused on improving their hosted offerings and data connectivity options, as businesses are pushed to move to VoIP. Thus far, this has seen the development of tech such as FTTP and new systems like Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.


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