In the past linking up multiple locations was a complex and expensive endeavour. This has changed dramatically with converged solutions becoming far more common and affordable. BSAS look at a company’s infrastructure with a holistic view, realising what makes the customers, prospective customers and employees communicate effectively.

Importantly we provide end-to-end solutions incorporating all elements of communications.

For example, some multi-site businsess will use one central hub for communications and a secondary system replicated at another office location. Whilst others may chose to have each site acting independently whilst still utilising benefits such as free intersite calling.

Of course, hosted fits well for this scenario. As long as connectivity is robust enough at the sites you can either ‘host’ your system in a data centre or step onto the Broadsoft Platform.

With various partners at our disposal we can implement a tailored solution on time and within budget.

Our multi-site solutions can provide your company with increased levels of resilience and DR as well as a cost effective way of streamlining your business and improving efficiency.

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