Data connectivity

Why use BSAS Telecoms for Data connectivity?

  • Choice – We have the ability to find which carriers/aggregators will bring your business the best product at a commercially attractive price.
  • Quality – We offer quality of service (QoS) throughout the network with multiple suppliers.
  • Reliability – You will always be advised on which services to have in place to ensure business continuity.
  • Trust – With no queuing systems or account numbers needed, a UK based service team, strict internal and external SLA’s and over 20 years’ experience you can be comfortable in the knowledge you are being well looked after.
  • Experience – We have been in Telecommunications since the mid 90’s, working with SME’s and large corporations in the UK. We pride ourselves on ensuring the proposed solution is fit for purpose and grounded on future proof platforms.

What is important?

Here are the four most important considerations when choosing a suitable data connection for your business.


Contention – The most used phrase in relation to broadband data services. This relates to how many connections are trying to access part the network at any one time.
The lower the contention the better quality the connection.

Latency & Jitter

Bandwidth is only one measure of how suitable a data circuit may be. The quality of that circuit is also important. Latency (the amount of time a data packet takes to transmit) and Jitter (the stability of the circuit) have a big impact on the effective throughput of data.

Quality of Service - QoS

Very important when running multiple traffic types over a data connection, particularly voice. QoS provides a method of prioritising traffic types.
The protection of VOIP is vital to ensure normal day to day data usage will not affect the quality of speech.

Upload Speed

Broadband speeds are often expressed in terms of download speeds only however, when running application such as voice or remote access upload speeds are equally important. Synchronous Ethernet-based products are ideal for these sorts of requirements.

More businesses are hosting applications and wanting to utilise VOIP than ever before. With this in mind data connectivity is becoming more prevalent and crucial in the day to day running of companies. We offer connections to suit any requirement in small to medium sized businesses. Whether you are a homeworker connecting through the office system or a multi-site company incorporating fibre leased lines with resilience, we can help.


What connections are there and what do they mean?


Business Broadband has been designed and developed in order to deliver high speed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connectivity to business users at a very low cost. We provide the full range of broadband solutions from simple ADSL and LLU broadband through to the latest fibre optic broadband services.

Fibre Broadband

Known as FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) in business and BT Infinity to domestic users. A strong connection for general web browsing and normal business use. Speeds of up to 80Mb down and 20Mb up.

Uncontended FTTC

Provides the next level up from broadband. A private and uncontended data connection. Primarily used for our converged solution using SIP trunks provided with Quality of Service (Qos) throughout the network.


Also known as Ethernet over copper, is an access method that delivers Ethernet protocols over normal telephone copper wiring. It provides up to 35Mb of symmetrical, un-contended access to either TalkTalk Business or BT’s data network or your own private network (MPLS).

Leased Line

IP Leased Lines are for those customers who require a data connection with guaranteed bandwidth and with no contention. The type of leased line available is highly dependent upon the location of the site although, with recent advances in technology, higher bandwidth leased lines are now available for a fraction of the price of a few years ago. We can provide connections up to 1Gb.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks allow the transmission of various communication types (voice, video, data) over one common IP based network. With Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS) enabled, BT’s and TalkTalk Business’ networks offer end-to-end network performance, with low latency and low jitter, which are key requirements for support of real-time applications.


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